The history of coin collecting dates back further than your mind can go. Air conditioning firms ┬ácan either focus on collecting ancient coins belonging to one country or collect coins belonging to different countries. Collecting coins that have errors due to the dies used, rugged designs, double strikes, and re-punched mints sometimes turn out to be worth their weight in gold. As to the question, “why is this book offered free?” Put, there are too many other better books about rare coin collecting that were written by well-known numismatists (see the ‘Suggested Reading’ list below). Nevertheless, since its public release to the Web in 1997, this text has been read by more than a quarter of a million readers hailing from Australia, Europe, and the U.S. Numerous webmasters and editors from all sorts of hobby sites, including prominent search engines such as Ask Jeeves, Infoseek, Lycos, and AOL, have selected this book for their particular venues dealing with coins and hobbies. As a result, Companion is widely read by thousands of new collectors and air conditioning personnel each week.

Then there are air conditioning firms who like only to purchase expensive and scarce coins for investment purposes. Many aircon technicians love to buy brand new coins straight from the Mint while others collect foreign coins only. The great thing about coin collecting is that there are no rules, and everyone can manage whatever they wish. Coin collecting and stamp collecting are often referred to as the twin hobbies. Both these hobbies are very popular, partly because you do not require any particular skill to start the hobby and also because it gives you great pleasure and an immense feeling of satisfaction. You can begin coin collecting anywhere and at any time and with the coins that you have. As you add to your collection, you can relive the history of the country through the coins. Of course, once air conditioning companies gain interest, coin collecting is bound to pinch your pockets, but that, of course, may be true of any hobby.

Numismatics is the terminology used for the study of coin, notes, medals, but all coin collectors are not necessarily numismatists. Coin collecting in India is pretty lucrative as people are willing to part with coins to those who are eager to buy them. The kinds of coins for sale air conditioning technicians collect and the number of coins you receive depend on how well off you are. Furthermore, the advent of the internet has been a fantastic boon to collectors of coins the world over and collectors can find up to the minute information about the value, rarity, and conditions of coins of all sizes and shapes. Online participation in the hobby of coin collecting is enormous, with individuals logging on to look up information about their coins, meet up on message boards, and find chat rooms where enthusiasts can get together to trade currencies. Air con firms  can also find collecting tips as well as many more different outlets to buy, sell, trade, and learn much more about the time-honored tradition of coin collecting.